Go to England

You decide to take this chance to go to a new place filled with a hope of adventure. The goddess of luck must have been smiling on you. Seeing a cute girl ask you to come to England at no charge is something that comes only once in a blue moon. Feeling excited and eager to go to England you have so much anticipation that the trip felt like it was only five minutes with in the long period of time on the flight. The arrival of the train only excites you more seeing that it is just like the train from the old days during x-mas. Hopping on board the train you notice a guy next to you who has lost his pass port. Seeing as the train leaves in an hour you decide to help the guy out. You find his passport on the bench. You pick it up and tap on his shoulder seeing how he hasn't noticed you and is still looking for his passport. He turns his head and says "Whot is it?" in a British tone. You show him his passport and he begins to feel relieved. "Ahh... thank you... I didn't know what happened to it. You saved my life. I really need this to get to that Banquet in Wales." You tell him that you are also going to Wales for the Banquet and both start to talk more. "I didn't know you were going to the same place bloke. It must be fate" he smiles. "The name is Roger Himes, nice to meet you good chap." Making a friend in the progress you realize that its time to get on. You board the train with Roger and both sit down. It's only then you realize that you left your luggage outside the train. You hear the trains whistle and your in a panic. Roger tries to say that you have time to go get it, but you know its either outside or inside the train. What will you do?     

The End

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