Open the letter

You open the letter and you feel a little breeze come through the room. Inside the letter contains not just a piece of paper bu also a CD. Looking at the CD it reads "Play me" on the front. You decide to insert the disc inside your computer and long and behold the CD contains a video file. You play it and a few moments later you see what looks to be a formal banquet in the background, and a girl in front of the scenery who is very slim, looks very agile, and sexy. You start to wonder that the idea of opening the package was a good idea after all. The girl starts talking "Hello, I'm am here to invite you to the worlds best and entertaining hang out for fellow people with an interest in todays technology. If you have received this letter with the CD, it means you were one of the five hundred chosen out out the many people in the world. We would like for you to attend this formal Banquet and give you something you might find interesting." She holds up the newest in line of technology computer. Its so nice in size and travel packed that you are thinking it cant possibly be given away for free. The girl starts speaking again "Again you are one of the luckiest guys to be receiving this item for being selected. So come on down to Wales England to attend this event. Also, you will see that transportation is already paid for. Hope to see you there." She smiles and the video ends. You look in your envelope and notice a plane ticket to England as well as a train Ticket to Wales. Hmmm... England... You've never been there before... should you take it or not?

The End

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