The Escape from Den Ario

"Oy! You ok there bloke?" you hear a voice from somewhere near. You look up and you see an old man to the right side of your bed. You hardly get any visitors since you live by yourself in an  old cheap apartment, but seeing as to how the old man is in your place you decide to take the chance to ask who he is. The old man tips his brown and flat country hat and replies humbly, "the names Lawrence, but everyone around calls me Larry. I'm sorry to intrude on you son, but do you know why I'm here?" Seeing as you have never met this person in your life, you reply with a shake of your head signifying you don't know why he is here. "I have received a letter with your name addressed to my house coming from England in wales. Seeing that I knew that the name was from around here, I decided to find you and deliver this to you personally." He hands you the letter and it reads your name in bold golden letters on the front. Looking at the senders name it's from someone by the name of John Surge. A person whom you have never heard or met in your life, just like this old man. "Well, I best be off to my duties" says the old man. "I cant leave the sheep alone all day or my grandson might get overwhelmed". and with that the old man leaves your apartment. You look at the letter again and wonder if its worth opening or just tossing it away like junk mail.

The End

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