The escapeMature

I was inspired by the book "I am David" and decided to write this.

Johannes had told me I would have thirty seconds.

He would take out the electricity but there would only be thirty seconds before the generators kicked in.

I knew that I would never see him again. This kind old man who had cared for me since I had arrived. 

The soldiers would shoot him the second they found him at the electricity mains block.

I had hugged Johannes goodbye, and then I had run. I ran passed the cattle sheds with it's sleeping prisoners housed. I ran passed the mass grave that housed the dead. The putrid smell of decaying flesh sucked at my strength. If I did not make it over the fence in time, I would join those in the pit.

I crouched down in a shrub near the fence and waited for the guards to change, then counted to five. The great lights turned black. There was no time to let my eyes adjust. I hit the fence and climbed. There was shouting from all around. I did not understand their words. Had they seen me? Were they about to shoot?

My thirty seconds were almost up. I reached the top of the fence and launched myself over the other side. I heard my coat rip as the barb wire caught and snagged. My ankle buckled under my weight but fortunately did not snap.


The shot burst through the night. I feared my life was gone. That I was already dead, a ghost. Then I realized - Johannes.

My heart broke and I choked back a sob.

I had to make it to the cover of the trees. Each step brought a flash of pain up my leg - It was broken, but I could not stop.

As the generator kicked in and the blinding white lights flashed back up, I knew I had to run. They would notice that I was gone, a number on my arm. A branded piece of livestock gone astray.

I ran until my breath tasted like blood. I ran until my lips were blue and cracked with cold. I dropped to the ground and let the darkness take me.

The End

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