The Eruption of 1,000 BananasMature

A short story about the fateful day I was walking through the park, and this happened...
Story written with my good friend Michael (Onturn7)

One day I was walking through the park, when suddenly Godzilla erupted from the ground. He was viciously masturbating, pumping his penis with a very fast motion. his groaning and moaning were getting kind of annoying so I started writing a letter. In my letter I asked Santa Clause to bring me a banana and not to send Michael Jackson again, because the last time he did, we had serious problems. Anyway, after I sent the letter, bananas started raining from the sky. I waved and thanked Jesus for this wonderful gift. I then took a banana and threw it at Godzilla and it went up his butt. They were freakin' hard bananas too. Then he exploded in jizz, and happily ever after. The End.

The End

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