The Errors of Kindness

Earth, New York, 2144 AD.
Welcome to the future, and it ain't pretty. Humans have created robot equals known as Borgs. They were originally meant for work, but grew sentient. They formed unions, and eventually became citizens, second class mind. The Dump is the place where obsolete Borg's go, and buried below years of rubbish, lies a single, deactivated Borg named Kindness, and he just activated.

Earth, New York, 23rd December, 2144 AD

My name is Kindness.

Yes, it's a rather odd name for a robot, but I prefer the term Borg. Short for Cybernetic- Cybertronic Replicated Human Unit Cyborg. 

Really, just call me Kindness, just Kindness.

I was built Circa 2094, which makes me 50 years old this coming Christmas. I look rather good for my age, bit of rust on the chassis, as is expected when you spend 45 years at the bottom of a dark, damp pile of broken robots. Well, technically I wasn't at the bottom. The pile was started around 2070, when Borg's started living out their usefulness, so technically I was about three thirds up the pile.

Back then, Borgs were just workers. Heavy lifters, constructors, soldiers... pets. It was a dark time for my electronic brethren. Then the Cybernetic Replica Union X, or CRUX, came- set up by the first sentient Borg, Amber 9, was established.

There was uproar from the humans. Borgs were not meant to be sentient, it broke the Laws, it was illogical.

But, illogicality was Amber 9's speciality. He was designed to solve complex mathematical problems. He fought the haters, he found a seat on the Federation Of Earth. FOE was having a hard time keeping the balance of human happiness and Borg happiness.

By that time, Borg's were many in number. Hundreds of thousands, and the world had practically ground to a halt without the Borg workers, and the soldier Borg's kept rioters at bay while the constructors built an impenetrable fortress on the former site of the United King11111101010100100101. Sorry- you spend so many years with dirty rust water streaming into your main binary conversion circuit your bound to experience a few glitches.

Anyway. To avoid a full blown war, FOE gave all Borg's with sentient programming citizen status.

Of course, Borgs can essentially live forever. So a deactivation limit was agreed on. Forty years of second class citizen life and then deactivation and left to decompose in 11010- ahem- in the Dump.

Anyway. I decided yesterday that I din't want to stay at the bottom of this pit anymore, so, I suppose I should climb out.

Give me a minute.

The End

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