The Equinox

Gavin Fisher has worked for many years as a paranormal expert, but his ideas are turned around when he meets Lyssa. An alien bloodthirsty demon; who can't remember anything about that fact.
While trying to keep her blonde presence from the world, while half of it is hunting her down; Gavin's only hope rests in getting his new friend to safety. Before she remembers who she is.

Dr. Milton stared down grimly at the face of the unconsiouse patient on the bed below him. He was strapped down at the wrists and feet and filled with needles in almost every visable bloodstream on his arms. But even Milton knew that if this man awoke; they would need nothing less than chains to keep him down. 

"What's to report?" Milton asked. The man next to him looked down at the files in his hands and grunted. "He responds to recent tests are a negative sir. Although it seems that he does not have pumping blood. His heart is there for different reasons."

"Yes, we know that already." Milton growled. "What sort of tests did you do?"

"Stupid ones obviously." The woman at the computer desk yawned. Dr. Gilt, the one with the clipboard narrowed his eyes. "We were testing his reaction to electricity in the muscles. He does not appear to respond to it in any way we can detect."

"Look, Gilt." Milton glared. "This is an RK we are testing on, not frankenstein's monster." he turned back to the woman. Dr. Fisher. "Has he shown any signs of consiousness?" 

"No sir." Dr. Fisher answered. Dr. Milton inhaled deeply, taking in the hospital room around him. Three years. It had been three years and they had no new information sense when they first began testing on these creatures when their ship was first pulled down into central park in New York City. No one had known what it was. A UFO of some sort. But none of these creatures inside were awake and talking. But they were not dead. No, they were far from dead. But just as far from awake as well.  They had twelve in captivity. Three had woken up but went into such raging spasms they had to be disposed of. These monsters were unlike anything anyone had seen before. With the strength of at least four weightlifters. And No one but this group of scientists knew about them. 

The RKs were strange looking. Most normal people wouldn't think of them as aliens, but they were hard to imagen as normal. They were taller and slimmer than most people for starters. You could see almost every bone from under their skin, which was so pale every blue vein was visible. Their eyelids were a sickly shade of purple as well as their lips, and their hair was long, and so black it didn't seem even possible. Their jaws seemed to come out a little farther than a human's could reach, and they had a strange curve in their spine to that they really couldn't lay perfectly strait.

Dr. Milton turned and began to fill a vile with a chemical that he had been planning to test on an RK for some time now. According to his studies, this chemical would cause the heart to overwork it'self. And he needed to know what the heart was good for in these creature's bodies. If it wasn't to pump blood, it had to be for something else. Maybe something that would provide him with valuable information.

Milton walked back over to the RK and asked Gilt to lift several of the needles so that he could inject to fluid.

"But sir, can't this chemical kill the RK?" Gilt asked slowly. Milton glared at him.


"We've already killed three. If we keep this up we won't have any left to test on!"

"Sighlence Gilt, one more loss won't hurt. Besides, the information this could give us would be more valuable than a useless unconsiouse body."

Gilt went quiet, scowling at the floor as Milton injected the liquid. A long moment of sighlence followed. There was no reaction. Maybe it would take time. Milton backed away setting the injector needle on a table. They were getting nowhere. What were these creatures? Where did they come from? How were they supposed to find out if these animals wouldn't even wake up? 

"Sir." Dr. Fisher began. Milton looked up. 


"Sir, his heart rate is rising. Quite rapidly actually." 

Milton's eyes widened and he glanced over as Gilt walked towards the body staring down at it. "I see no change in-" he was cut off as suddenly the beast's hand shot up and latching its fingers around Gilt's writs. The man cried out as the RK sat up botlright, taking the needles form his arms. An alarm went off and both Milton and Fisher tries to hurry out of the way looking for something to retstrain the RK. 

It snarled and threw Gilt to the side. He crashed into a table of test tubes and hit the ground, shattered glass flying in all directions. 

i will finish later

The End

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