Long before the time of humans, before even the dwarves, the world we know today as Ordion was plunged in total darkness. This time is known as the Ancient Night. It was a time when giants and dragons wandered on this side of Ordion. The battles between the giants and dragons are what shaped the world as it is today. However, the world was not meant to remain in darkness forever.

   The Battle of First Light was a battle between a dragon called Blackstrike, and Asarakan, a giant who wielded the legendary Hammer of Light. The origins of the hammer are unknown, although the damage it causes is not. When the hammer strikes an enemy, the enemy bursts into flames. Though this is not what happened when Asarakan hit Blackstrike. For unexplained reasons, the hammer exploded into nine pieces, which spread across Upper Ordion. The smallest piece flew into the sky, and continued to circle over Ordion.

   This fragment, which would later be named Seraphina by the humans, circled Ordion; it brought light to what had once only been darkness. The giants and the dragons fled from the light, and hid in Lower Ordion.

   Many centuries later, in the time of the dwarven civilizations, a band of dwarves were travelling through the Mountains of Iron, when they discovered a piece of the hammer. They brought the fragment to King Ranol, who consulted the druid, Alanaar. Alanaar, fearing the avarice of mortals, decided that the fragment would best be somewhere where no one can use it for wicked purposes.

   King Ranol decided the best way to hide something would be for it to have no permanent home. Ranol had engineers build a robot to contain the fragment. Alanaar then took the robot to a faraway place, and left it there. Many years later, when Alanaar passed away, the location of the robot, and therefore the fragment, were lost.

The End

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