The EscapeMature

I'd been isolated in my previous settlement, mainly by choice. I didn't have the same interest as the others. I didn't have the same ideals. I chose to look at things differently, and I was hated because of that difference. And after my parents died I lost all reason. Even after I came here, my isolation continued, but it was her that taught me to look at my situation from a different perspective, despite our two very different worlds. I was the lowest of the low, and she was among giants. Yet despite that, we were similar. And even though our worlds differed, she chose to accept my world for what it was. Even though we've never actually done anything more than talk, it was enough. Enough for me to give my existence for.

I let out a steady exhale to calm my senses, now feeling sure of my resolve. I ran over to her and knelt by her side, making sure she was alright. Karin's boyfriend Jak found us shortly after. He was a prick, and I didn't have the slightest bit of respect for him, but dire situations call for temporary truces and desperate alliances. I started hearing the screams of people in the school followed by the roars and moans of the infected. They'd begun swarming here, which means Emergency Transportation was out of the question since it was next door. We had to get out of there. Luckily for them, while in my hopeless state, I took walks throughout the city to plan for every situation. There was an abandoned house out by the east wall, and next to it was an entrance to sewers that led outside of the walls. We could have made it with little resistance if we went out the back of the school and quietly zipped through a few alleys. I told them plain and simply, if you want to survive, follow my lead to the teeth. They had no complaints or better ideas, and if they did, they knew now wasn't the time to argue. I got to the streets, and it was twice as worse as what it had been when they invaded my settlement. Black smoke suffocated the blue out of the sky. The things were everywhere. In the streets, on buildings, in cars. There were probably a hundred or so, unconsiously wobbling on. Initially I had intended to play it stealthily, but I had somehow amassed an army of frightened house cats behind me. The problem with that is I didn't notice it until one of them started shouting to ask why I had stopped and that those things were going to kill everyone. As a result, half of them panicked, yelping like animals as they scattered and drew a lot of unwanted attention in the process. I had no choice. I looked back at Jak, and he was already pushing me onward to get to the place, saying that they could keep up. I wasn't going to take a chance on outrunning her, so I grabbed her hand as I ran. We jolted through the alleys, and anyone who was smart ran with me. I found the sewer gate with ease, and they filed in one after another. Though my only objective was her survival, I couldn't just forget those following me, so I was the last to go in. Once I was sure that no one else who could make it was coming, I jumped down and latched the gate, hoping they weren't smart enough to open it. I made my way through the sewer following the rest until we came out just on the other side of the wall. It was mostly plains surrounding the castle, however there was a dense forest up ahead. It wasn't perfect cover, but it would keep us out of sight long enough to plan our next move. I told my group where we were going and started walking. Kasey paced next to me, thanking me, and asking what my plan was. When I told her that it was to keep her alive she thought I was being a smartass. When I explained my reasoning, however, her cheeks started blazing. My heart raced at the sight, and I wanted to crack a big ass smile but I decided to focus on the mission at hand. She grabbed my hand and it made me ever more determined. After we made it into the forest, I walked for another 15 minutes or so before I sat down to think. I hadn't even gave thought to it until then, but 6 additional people had followed me here. Jak came over and sat next to me, apologizing for things that happened in the past. He then made it clear that he'd be in my debt since I'd saved him and Karin. I waved it off. The past didn't matter to me anymore, and even if it did, the last thing I wanted was someone apologizing and feeling sorry for something that happened to me. I hated feeling like the weak one. The only thing that currently mattered was survival. Some other guy spoke up, asking me what we were doing. They all looked at me, and I realized that I was now responsible for the lives of 10 people. Though Kasey would take priority over all of them, I couldn't leave them isolated. They wouldn't survive. And though the thought sounded nice, me and Kasey against the world probably had a bad ending if there was no one else around us. At that moment, I decided to assume command. First we had to get further from the horde of infected. There was a chance that some of them saw us after we escaped the wall and were finding a way into the forest. With 10 people, we could manage from place to place. If we kept moving away from the city, eventually something would cross our path.

After walking for about 2 hours, it was getting dark as we came across a house. I turned around, and in the far distance, you could still see the smoke filled sky from the city. The porch of the house was charred, as if someone had started a fire and then put it out. The front door was bashed in. I picked a pipe laying on the floor by the entrance. The inside was way nicer than I imagined it would. Everything was wooden, but seemed newly renovated. Karin called out to see if anyone else was there. Another girl flashed over and gave her a death stare, asking her if she was insane. It was pretty hilarious to watch for me, especially since Karin hadn't actually done anything wrong. We checked the house and found nothing dangerous. There was canned food and snacks all over the place, so I figured we'd be safe here for now, and people needed time to unwind the horror that they saw. I searched and managed to find a couple of 9mm pistols in drawers around the house. I got one and gave the other to Jak. I didn't trust him, but he and Karin loved each other like milk loved Oreos. And Karin and Kasey shared emotions as if through telepathy. If one was angry, then both were angry. And I can remember quite a few instances of Kasey getting pissed off at someone else because she thought they were threatening me. Even though I hate it when she does that, it feels nice to know she's had my back in the past. And now I have hers.

I wonder what made me pick up this journal to write this. I mean, here I am, sitting on a couch upstairs during the apocalypse that everyone always jokes about, and for some reason, I've decided to keep record of it. I guess I want the world to know that this happened. When we get through this, or if we don't, I want whoever or whatever comes after us to know what happened. The thoughts and feelings of human who's only goal is survival. Then we won't have to wonder anymore what it was like or whether it was real. Right now I feel tired, so I guess it's time I put this up.

The End

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