The BeginningMature

In the year 2357, mankind makes an intriguing discovery about their past when a diary is found in a ruin. In it contains the personal thoughts of what is believed to be a young man during the apocalypse.

Her face was the only thing I needed to see. Her golden eyes looking in my direction, terrified. Tears were streaming down her face. Blood trickled from the corner of her forehead across as she laid there in shock. Her blonde hair swept across her face. You could see just the bottom tip of her chin quivering. In that moment, I had already decided that I would give my soul for her life. Because despite our very brief friendship, she was the only reason why there was any light in my world. And even though that dream could never be a reality, she was the only thing that gave me any hope.


Day 1: September 21, 2021

The Beginning

They thought they were safe behind their city's walls. They said that they were unbreachable, that no brain-dead creature could ever put a dent in them. And they had a right to think as much. Through the years, no human had gotten in without permission. No faction had come close to opposing them. They had the best military, the best soldiers, the highest caliber weapons. They were top notch. But I'd already seen those things once. I saw how they moved. How they acted. How they hunted. I saw how they destroyed everything, and how their number rose tremendously for every settlement they ravaged. These people had no chance, and I knew that. Yet I allowed myself to believe anyway.

They had a grand city. High white walls, skyscrapers, residential districts, market districts. Arkain was one of the last beauties left of the human race's creations. Citizens lived as if everything outside the wall was a fantasy. They laughed and joked, with no clue as to what threat truly lied ahead. As I saw them win a few small victories, I allowed myself to fall into the same ideal. That everything didn't have to change, and that I could stay here and live an ordinary life. I believed that one day I would find a way to put my skills to use as a trade to provide for a family. And I would grow old and lazy, sitting in a chair watching the sunset as the sky turned orange like a brilliant flame spanning the heavens. And then night would come and I would stare at the stars, and admire the beauty in the world.

And then, they came...


First I heard the screams. Then came the wailing of the sirens. All the others ran out of the classroom and across the hallway to see what all the commotion was about. I followed suit. I pushed through the crowd to the window. They were climbing on top of each other, squeezing there faces together trying to see what caused the ruckus. And then I saw them. Hundreds of them. Some seemed like extraterrestrial bugs. There legs were like blades, piercing and ripping people to shreds. Others were like humans, but a lot freakier. They got over any obstacles. They were like a swarm of spiders, except with a hunger for human blood. Everyone in the school was so terrified and surprised that we completely forgot to prepare as the city's last line of defense kicked in. I heard muffled crashes as the explosions went off one after another and for me, everything went black. My mind slipped away from reality. I heard a familiar voice, and I looked around trying to get my bearings, but all I could see was a beaming light surrounded by darkness. My ears rung and the words were distorted, but I could recall the conversation at once:

Truth is, I'm afraid. I don't want to die like that. I don't want to see anyone die like that. There's just too much more I can accomplish. But I don't know if I could survive it. And I don't know if anyone else could survive it, and that's what scares me most-”

I began fading back into reality on her words. My vision was blurred, and I could barely make out the location of the screams and gunfire. My shoulder ached, like someone made the bone explode while keeping the skin intact. The rest of my body wasn't faring too well either. I lied still, and for a moment, I began to recede back into a fantasy, hoping to find comfort there. The wind tickled the back of my neck, and for a moment, I imagined that it was her lying on top of me, breathing softly against my neck. And then I began to imagine my mouth buried on her neck, feeling the curves of her body against my skin as we lie on a silky spread. I raised my head up, admiring her beauty. Then suddenly the image focused on her lips as she spoke:

-That this is the end.”

I jolted back into reality again. My body felt like a wooden structure ready to collapse from the next breeze that swept by. I rose up and began walking on sheer willpower. I moved on instinct, with almost no awareness of what was around me. I hugged the wall and hobbled down a long hallway darkness with a single light at the end buzzing as it struggled to find life. There were only two things running through my mind. Don't die. Don't let Her die. Her class was across the building. I remember seeing the faculty frantically searching and evacuating survivors to the emergency transportation facilities as I stumbled across the building. Despite my weary state, I made it to the classroom with relative ease. The door was blocked by a big chunk of debris from the ceiling, and I could hear someone on the other side trying to get out. With the help of another bystander, I moved it and got into the room. I spotted her lying across the room with her best friend Karin. For a moment I stared into her eyes, and I felt anger boil up through my veins. I forgot about the pain aching all around, and at that point, I decided that the only thing that mattered was her. She was my reason for survival.


The End

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