Another Day, Another Snorefest

I quickly turned off the internet when I’d had enough of reading comments that were insulting me. I’d forgotten what I had gone on for anyways. I checked the time quickly as Tania’s stupid computer slowly shut off. It was almost ten past eight but changed to quarter past as I watched. I didn’t know why everything that Tania has is always so slow....

    This looked to be a really long day, as I had nothing to do and a whole day worth of doing nothing. Sigh. If only if I could think of something to do. I could do the homework I was given, but I didn’t feel like being a smarty-pants over the break. Besides, the ten pages of math homework my class had gotten for being too loud (that was the teacher’s excuse, but not the truth. Mr. Henrye just really hated me so punished the whole class for it all the time) would only take me about twenty minutes to do.

    Tania’s a brainiac and taught me how to do math and other school things before either of us started school. By the time she started kindergarten, Tania could do University work. It I still find the story strange and very interesting. Some parts are even sort of funny, if you have a twisted sense of humor.

    The teacher made Tania do University work when she finished all of the grade school work every book in school had. Mrs. Branly-McDougle was just trying to test how smart she was and she had found out that Tania was a genius.

    Mrs. Branly-McDougle called my mom to see if Tania could come in on a Saturday to do a test. Mom said yes, so they scheduled a date for the test. When that day came, Mom brought Tania to school.

     The University test Mrs. Branly-McDougle had given Tania was hard for any normal University student, but Tania got perfect on it. Better yet, Tania had finished the five-and-a-half hour test in less than ten minutes.

    When Tania was done the test (after Mrs. Branly-McDougle’s sad attempts at tried to persuade Tania to look over the test (Tania had said she’d already looked over it several times and that’s what had taken her so long to hand it in and she was sorry.) Tania had refused and said that was an insult to her sanity and intelligence.) Mrs. Branly-McDougle had called in Mr. Carlisle (he was an old professor at a University but decided that he wanted to teach grade-school because he was all for “the kids”) in to take a look at the test to see if it was right.

    Mrs. Branly-McDougle and Mr. Carlisle spent three hours looking over every inch of the test. They marked it and then re-marked it. Finally decided that the test score wasn’t going to change no matter how long they stared at it. They decided to just give Tania back her test. When she got it she gave it straight to Mom.

    Tania said that mom had looked edgy as she took the test from her, but when she saw the mark, Mom had almost fainted.

    Anyways, like always, my mind was getting side-tracked. Moral of the story – Tania’s a genius. She taught me everything she learned right away, so I was almost as smart as she was. Even though we could both just skip school and get a job right away, Tania and I decided to stay in school just to be around people our own ages. Plus, if we had skipped ahead of all of our classmates, how would we have friends our own age?

    So, doing math homework? Definitely out. Go for a walk? It was a blizzard outside, so not the best idea right now – Mom shouldn’t of gone to work today, but she’s way too stubborn to stay home and let the manager take care of anything that happens to be off in either her restaurant or bakery. Cook? As if, I’m not an excellent chief like mom. Write? Nah that was more of Emilie and Tania’s thing. Read? I believe I’ve read every book I the house that I’m aloud. More than once even. And I hardly ever read anymore.

    Nope, nothing at all to do. Today was going to be veeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyy boring. Snorefest and what-not. (Did I really just think that!? Wow, am I out of it...) No way was I going to find something to do. This house was dead. Nothing to do and it was killing me. How ironic was it that most of the town wanted me dead, and yet living here was doing just that. But I guessed that me slowly dieing would still be way too slow for them....

    As I was about to leave Tania’s room, I thought about something that I just couldn’t resist. I snuck quietly to Tania’s bed and checked under her mattress.

    Huh, her diary wasn’t where it normally was. Too bad, it’s a real riot to read sometimes. I thought as I sighed internally.

    I wonder where she put it....

    I took a good look around the room. There was nothing out of place – not that there ever was – except for her diary. I thought about it being stuffed behind some of the bigger books in the shelf.

    I walked over to the five shelves at the opposite side of the room to take a look. It took me about ten minutes per shelf, but her stupid diary wasn’t there.

    As I was putting away her giant dictionaries from across the world, a small note fell out. I quickly finished putting the books away then grabbed the note off the floor. I was about to put it back in the Swahili dictionary that it fell out of on page 24 (I think that’s where it’s from) when I thought, why not take a look at it? It’s not like it could hurt.

    I thought about what would be in the letter. Mostly I was wondering who it would be about and who it would be to also. I laughed quietly when I thought about it being to one of Tania’s secret fantasies. Or better yet, from one of Tania’s secret admirers. That made me laugh even harder.

    Even though Tania’s really gorgeous – straight bleach-blond hair to her waist and a perfect figure, perfectly shaped lips and brilliant grey eyes – she has only had one date. The guy she dated was Tom Stevens (it’s always weird saying or thinking his last name as it reminds me of my name) and she dumped him because he was a jerk. He says that it was just a dare that his friends made him do, but nobody in town believes him. Now every boy in town is too scared of Tom and his dad (who just happens to be an ex sumo wrestler turned thin) to even try dating Tania. She’s easily the hottest girl in town. I should know, seeing as she’s my sister and I’d never say it if it wasn’t true. As it is, I’d never say it to her face. Even though she’s dating James now, all they really do is go to the movies with friends or go to parties with friends. Basically, anything where friends are involved. Personally, I think that Tom threatened James, or his dad did.

    I sat on Tania’s bed and tried opening the letter. It was closed by folding the paper every-which-way in the way only Tania can do, so it took me about ten minutes to finally get it opened. When I finally got it open I made myself more comfortable on Tania’s bed. Then I looked at the paper for a few seconds before I actually read it.

    It said;

          Dear Steve,

                 I know that you’ve been looking for my diary lately. I don’t want you to read it anymore so don’t try to find it. I won’t be mad because you always sneak in my room – yes, I do know all about that. That is, unless you try to find my diary anymore. I have something even better for you to read if you ever get bored like today or any day. It’s a story that Emilie helped me write a long time ago. I know it’s not that good compared to the newest one we wrote, but it’s still really good. Just please don’t tell mom and dad about it. You know how mom acts if you talk about mythical creatures and stuff around her, so imagine how she would act if she found out that I wrote about it. You know that mom and most other parents around town here are square when it comes to the fun stuff. Emilie and I are going to get it published soon – already talked to a publisher and he said that it’d be out in a month or two – so I need you to help Emilie and me think up aliases. It’s a new series – to be published – so I thought that you could help me figure something out. Emilie’s thinking about something, but she won’t tell me. She said she wants to see your opinion before she tells it to anybody else. Anyways, you can keep the note, I don’t need it anymore.

               PS. How about Jane and Alex Bell? They were really cool and when Emilie and I met them as Jessie Light and Amber Night, they told us that we could use their names as aliases if we ever wanted too.

Love, Tania



Hey, Steve. It’s me Emilie. Tania doesn’t know that I added my own personal tough to this letter, so I’d better keep it short and simple. You know, KISS, right? (Keep It Short, Stupid. Haha it’s a joke.)  Anyways, here are the aliases I’ve come up with. Tania Sparkles, S. U. Molly (there’s this really annoying dog that lives in the house named Molly and sometimes I just was it to shut up, so yeah...), Claudia Jenkins, and Ruby T. Best. Tell me what you think after you read this note. And how could you read your sister’s book? That’s a total evasion of privacy, so I don’t care if it’s good. DON’T READ IT EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Okay? Good.

Luv ya loads, Aunti Em

PPS: I know you’re sorry about what you said. I read what Tania was saying on our mayor’s site and I realized that what I said about her wasn’t true. We both made up about the whole thing and are better friends than ever. (You’re still my number one, though. Nobody will ever be able to top you on my best friends chart. Not even what’s-her-face, Melanie, and she’s almost everybody’s favorite person in town, so yeah...) Read what I wrote, it’ll make you smile. You know how happy and cute that smile makes you look. And it really brings out your eyes, so smile loads for me. See you after hols, as that’s when me and my mum are coming back from England. We’re going to meet the queen and I’m jazzed! Aunti Leah is the queen’s personal assistant, so we got the special hook up. Now we get to meet the queen. Isn’t it awesome!? Anyways, you’re still my best mate and I’ll be seeing you. Maybe I’ll pick you up a good book to read for once. I kid, I kid. You have great tastes in books, you just don’t read. Oh, yeah. KISS. Forgot all about that. See y’all when I get back.



    I smiled as I read the letter. Of course Em wouldn’t keep it short; she loves to write way too much.

    I read the aliases again trying to figure out what to tell her about them. Right on the spot I thought some that I’d mention to them; Claude Hopper and Shay T. Dragon, Princess Light and Witch Night, Dutch Mom and Lady Grey, Goddesses P.B. and J., and the only realistic one I could think of, Jessie May and Hope Stewarts. I’d love if they used those names as they’d be a real hoot. Plus we’d all be able to laugh about them for a long time.

    I quickly grabbed a piece of paper off of Tania’s desk and wrote them all down. I also added a few more that they’d never think of in a million years. Pineapple and Grapefruit, Pen and Paper, Snowball and Cupcake, Bunny Waffle and French Toast, Shay Light and Sam Night. The last two they might actually like, though. I also wrote Jessie Light and Amber Night as they’ve already used those names and authors usually write more that one series of books.

    I folded up the paper and put the two notes from Tania and Em plus mine on Tania’s desk.

    This time I left Tania’s room in a hurry, I didn’t want her to find me there.

 I spent the rest of that boring day playing solitaire on dad’s laptop.

    The rest of the hols went by very slowly and I was glad when school started up again.

The End

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