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April 13


I was walking down the street when a storm came over head.Donald went inside to watch the news.The news said it was just a small thunderstorm.


April 15


I was walking down my driveway when a homeless man said the world is going to end.When he said that I did not listen to him but I should have.


April 20


I was watching the news for who the president was going to be Donald Clinton was winning.When a man came on a said a bad storm has happened in Los Angeles.


April 21


The same man came on today and send if you live in texas GET OUT NOW!!!!!

April 22


The storm has hit and everyone is leaving but my family wants to stay.I don’t know what to do


April 23


The storm is very dangerous and we are now trying to leave but we are stuck in our house from the flood.


April 24


The storm is not as bad we are gonna go out today and look and see what has happened.


April 30


We are gonna leave the city but we don’t know wh...


The End

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