chapter oneMature

This is a story of how the worst basketball them ever came to winning it all for their school

The new basketball season just started and the eagles are the type of team others play to make a joke about all the kids were bad the best player was one of the worst players in the world being number 10 and the rest of the team was 9,8,7,6 etc. They never won a ring and when a a new kid came to the school that all changed.The kid never played basketball before but said what the heck this where to start i can't lose anymore than we are.The kid had no name and was called missing the kid was a nature star and got the team to 5-10 record.He started to make the others work hard he made them stay and come back to keep working during the off next season the team went 10-5 their first good season record.The next offseason they did the same thing but the missing left the school and team.The next season record was 6-9 then the bet players in the state came to help them they ended going 15-0 and won state for the first time and now they have won state every year from since 1978 and now they are still the best team ever

The End

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