The End of the WorldMature

She hovers for a moment, unsure of what to do, before running forward and leaping.

Her heart jumps into her throat. Her stomach jumps as she moves through the air, and starts to sink.

Her hands scrabble against the edge of the roof and she digs her nails into it, struggling to keep her grasp.

"Cole! Help!"

After what seems like forever the junkie retraces his steps, pulling her slowly onto the roof.

"We have to move quickly." he hisses, nimbly jogging to the next roof. 

Alicia huffs, out of breath, as she follows.

"Well, do we have to move that quickly?"

There is no response.

She stops suddenly, horrified.

"Ohmygosh! Bill! And...Lila!"

Cole sighs.

"Bill and Lola were missing. My best guess is they left before the shit hit the fan."

Alicia frowns but follows silently, resisting the urge to tell him he is wrong.

Bill would never leave without warning her about what was happening. He was the kind of boy that would sacrifice himself to save the pretty girl, just like Chase in Dusk Games: III did for Eva.

Cole is probably lying out of spite. Nonetheless she decides to stay with him, out of the goodness of her heart.

But Cole moves fast. Too fast. 

Alicia pants as she tries to keep up, wondering how many calories she's already burned. If this keeps up, she'll look like Manara Quinn on the night of her red carpet premier of In Love with a Demon!

But even she probably didn't do this much exercise.

"Cole." Alicia whines, "How much farther?"

"I don't know," he shrugs, shouldering a ratty backpack, "I want to get to the grocery store to try and get some food, before hoarders empty the shelves."

Food! Alicia had almost forgotten - food never seemed to be a problem in the Dusk Games. Maybe that was why the girls were so thin!

"Maybe we should go back," she suggests, "We had some food in the house, didn't we?"

"I took all I could find," Cole replies, "But a lot was gone. Bill and Lola probably took most of it."

Alicia sighs exasperatedly, already bothered with Cole's constant slandering of Bill. If they were going to do well in the apocalypse, he had to get over his jealousy!

She didn't like the way he said 'Bill and Lola' either. Why not 'Bill or Lola'? Who said they were together?

Honestly, what a jerk.

"But won't we need something else?" Alicia offers, "Like...toilet paper?"

"Brought some."



"Extra socks?"

"Uh huh."

"My makeup?"

He turns around, giving her an incredulous look.

" I really hope you're joking."

She wails in desperation.

"Did you at least bring my straightener?"

"There was no room..."

"I can't believe this!"

The end of the world was finally happening, and she was going to look frumpy for all of it. Thanks to Cole. 

"Holy crap..." Cole mutters, peeking over the roof towards the end of the road.

"What?" Alicia asks snappishly, "Did you just realize how useless you are?"

He ignores the barb and points towards the grocery store.

"It looks like a mess in there. I think we'd be better off hitting the convenience store."

Alicia tries to protest but, following his gaze, sees the horde of people and what looks like chaos and quietly agrees.

They continue their terrifying roof-hopping until they reach the cornerstore which is surprisingly empty.

Cole shimmies down the side of the building while gripping the downspout, dropping awkwardly to the floor.

Alicia smirks at him and prepares to follow, grabbing the pipe and beginning her descent.

When she's a few feet from the ground she falls on her butt, standing angrily and dusting herself off.

Stupid pipe.

"It's boarded up." she comments dejectedly upon seeing the store, "Now what?"

Cole glances around before trying the door, slamming into it with his shoulder.

"Cole, what are you doing?" she hisses, "If someone sees you, we'll get caught or something!"

He pulls some tiny metal bars out of the bag and starts poking them into the lock.

Alicia watches, horrified, and wonders if she's about to get a record. Then she could never be a famous actress! Or, like, the president or something.

To her surprise the lock clicks and with a lot of shoving and kicking at the door it finally opens.

Cole quickly runs in and opens his bag, grabbing bottles of water from the fridge before rushing around the small shelves, collecting an array of what Alicia could only consider boring things.

She grabs a few packs of her favorite gum, shoving them into her pockets, and the granola bars with the lowest calorie counts. 

Eventually she gets bored and moves to find Cole, horrified when she spots him sitting on the floor, eating a stick of butter.

"That's disgusting!" she spits, shuddering.

"I don't want to starve." he shrugs, stuffing what looks like granola into his mouth, "You should eat too."

Alicia rolls her eyes.

"And gain fifty pounds?"

Cole ignores her, continuing to shove his face with the fattiest things in the store. Alicia almost sees the weight going on him, but then realizes he's stuffed his sweater and pants full of food.


She reminds herself not to accept any food he offers her and finds herself a bottle of mineral water and delicately sips on it.

It was good for her complexion.

The End

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