The End of the WorldMature

"Alicia! Get up, you log!"

The girl turns over in her sleep, only to be poked in the side.

She starts awake and scowls at the fowl sight meeting her eyes.

"Cole, what in the fiery pits of hell do you think you're doing?"

And then she notices the panic in his eyes.

"There's...these things trying to break down the door. We have to get out of here!"

Alicia smirks, rolling her eyes.

"Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? You're not fooling-"

Cole turns and runs out of the room without bothering to hear the rest, but not before grabbing the water bottle on Alicia's nightstand.

Okay, so perhaps she was starting to believe his charade. Not often he ran like that.

Alicia stands, peering out the window.

Dear god.

"Wait for me, Cole!" she yells, following the racket to find the stoner setting up a ladder to the attic.

She pushes him aside and climbs it first, blinking as her eyes adjust to the darkness.

Now, with the thin walls of the room, she can hear the wails of the things outside. 

They make her blood run cold.

Cole emerges a few moments later and walks carefully to the small window, using a beam nearby to break the hinges and kick the pane out. 

And then, without hesitation, he climbs out into the night. 

"Cole!" Alicia yells, running to the window with her blood racing.

He isn't dead. Not that she cares.

A hand appears reluctantly and Alicia takes it, inching out of the window and using Cole's grip to sit on the flat part of the roof beside him.

In the light of the moon, glancing back and forth while walking cat-like to the other side of the sloping surface, Cole seems to become someone else.

Alert. Silent. Determined. 

He seems to actually possess a will to live. 

Cole takes a few more tentative steps then, to Alicia's horror, jumps toward another rooftop.

It looks like he has misjudged the gap and just manages to grab onto the edge of the shingling, scrabbling up and on top of the abandoned inn.

Alicia starts to make her way to where Cole had jumped from but, to her shock and dismay, finds that he is already moving to jump to another without waiting for her.


The End

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