The End of the WorldMature

She will ask him for money, then, seeing as he probably has been smart enough to save some for emergencies.

The movie being one such emergency.

"Bill," Alicia calls sweetly, walking down the cramped hallway and stopping outside his room, "Can I ask you something?"

"No," he replies through the door, "I'm busy, Alicia."

Alicia goes in anyways, to find him staring in the mirror and picking at some invisible imperfection. 

"I told you NOT to come in!" he instantly grumbles, still making eye contact with his reflection.

"Have you got any money?" Alicia asks regardless of his statement, grinning from ear to ear.

She can't quite explain why, but simply being around Bill makes her smile. Even when he's angry. 

"I don't, I used what I had to buy foundation."

"Oh. Okay."

Bill turns to look at her and her still-smiling face, pointing to the exit.

"Can you please get out now?"

"Sure, anything you say."

Alicia walks down the hall, hearing the door slam shut behind her.

He hates me, she thinks, holding back tears, he hates my guts. 

She crawls into her bed, holding the thin sheets close to herself, and cries. 

Loudly and with little reserve.

Her three housemates can hear her without a doubt. Maybe not Cole, seeing as he's likely shooting up with music blasting in his ears.

Alicia spends a good five hours bawling before she hears a knock at the door, instantly straightening in her seat and working to fix her hair.

Bill is coming to apologize, she thinks cheerfully, he'll tell me he didn't mean to hurt me and that I mean a lot to him.

"Come in." she says soberly, forgetting the obvious tear trails on her reddened face.

And then her stomach sinks.


"Leave me alone!" Alicia yells, throwing a pillow his way.

He dodges it and stumbles over to sit on a corner of the mattress.

"I can tell you don't want to be left alone, Alicia."

Yeah, but only if Bill was her company. 

"I'd rather be alone than stuck with you, loser."

Cole ignores the insult and holds out a couple pills, shrugging.

"These'll help whatever you're so depressed about."

"It's Bill." Alicia mutters, seriously considering reaching for them.

He moves back instead, grimacing.

"Why do you even talk to that jerk? You do realize he only cares about himself, right?"

Alicia narrows her eyes, smirking.

"Quit being so possessive, Cole. I really like him. Not you. So get out."

Cole laughs, shaking his head.

"Just because I bother to warn you doesn't mean I care what you think about me. Think whatever the hell you want. DO whatever the hell you want. Just don't come running to me when things go bad."

He turns and leaves the room, having struck Alicia speechless. 

"They won't!" she yells much too late for him to hear.

What a prick. 

The End

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