The End of the WorldMature

Cole stares some more and then turns and resumes his earlier exit.

"Is that your only reaction, drugface?!" Alicia yells after him, inexplicably offended.

For whatever reason, she wants him to say something. Anything. To actually recognize what it means, how important it is. Even though he doesn't know crap.

Idiot. Probably didn't make it through elementary school.

Alicia chuckles to herself before flopping back onto her rock-hard bed to observe the TV once more. 

Suddenly and unexpectedly the words rolling across its surface feel less sweet, tainted by her housemate's inability to appreciate them. Great job Cole did.

But then the bald man opens his wrinkled mouth again and mentions that the newest Dusk Games movie is going to be released in a day.

And Alicia feels adrenaline pumping again.

Who couldn't want another dose of that series? Only thirty movies, five prequels and two spinoff shows. Screen time with lots of somehow buff and well filled-out teens (who knew how they got time with school and all)  doing too-cool things and fighting bad guys while still having the most active love lives.

Wait, no. It was just the males of the groups fighting bad guys or each other because of their power control issues and the females obsessing about their love lives. 

But who cared about that, honestly. The males were enough to get teenage girls swooning and teenage boys found them to be the perfect role models.

Win-win situation.

The Dusk Games was a totally original concept too, what with an apocalyptic wasteland, zombies, and a group of popular yet unpopular teenagers reminiscent of twenty year-olds all working together to save the world but only after they figured out their love triangles and pentagons. Oh and had to kill each other but didn't really die.

Apparently the people owning the merch patents for The Dusk Games were so rich that they controlled half the airwaves. Probably why so many of their movies and commercial re-runs played the entire day.

'The Dusk Games T-shirt'! "Dusk Games Energy Drinks'! 'Pizza Pockets!' 'Branded bread!' 'Erasers!'

Alicia would have bought the merchandise if she had the money for it. But, living in a halfway house, not much money decided to come her way.

Cole was always throwing donations away on drugs, Lola on her 'shoe collection' and Bill...well Bill was perfect. He couldn't burn money like the others.

He just...sat there. And looked perfect. 

The End

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