The End of the WorldMature

"This is so exciting!"

The girl squeals and bounces up and down as the news announcer continues on the screen of her tiny television, throwing her arms up in the air as she does.

"Finally! I've wanted this to happen ages!"

The door to the crammed room swings open and a lanky arm tosses a tinfoil-wrapped packet her way. 

"Here, Alicia, shut up already."

She picks it up, disgusted, and throws it back.

"Keep your rocks to yourself, stoner." Alicia remarks snidely, "I'm feeling high enough as it is."

The young man at her door shrugs and catches the projectile, dark-rimmed eyes disinterested.

"Whatever you say."

He turns to leave but she stands, waving her arms about again.

"Aren't you even going to ask what I'm excited about, Cole?"

Cole rubs at his reddened nose as he glances back, surprised she bothered to use his name.

"Do I ever?"

Valid point.

"Just ask me this once."

Cole stares blankly, loud music audible from the headphones down around his neck.

"Do tell, then." he mutters, emotionless.

"I'm really pumped because..." she says, flipping her light brown hair over a shoulder, "The world is officially ending!" 

The End

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