The end of the world

The world has ended! what will Maria and her friend Robin do in the new world that they are transported to?

The world is ending! Seriously, everyone is floating! I mean, Literally, floating, as if we weigh nothing at all! Now everything is different but I suppose I should start with how it all began...

"Did you hear the news last night?"

"This is totally freaky, like seriously!"

Romours were flying about. I did not see the news last night, so I went up to my best friend Robin who never, ever misses the news and asked

"Hey, Robin did you see the news last night? If so can you tell me what all the fuss is about?"

"Yeh, sure I can," replied Robin "Scientists say theres somthing wrong-"

Before she got a chance to say anything else the bell for lessons went!

"O.K tell me after school" I yelled at hher over the sudden stampede of students rushing to there classrooms.

"Yeh, sure," She yelled back.

The End

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