Kahn is done

Kahn had no idea what was coming for him. All hell was about to break loose as Troy took over to fight for me. His fist came before Kahn had enough time to dodge it. Troy’s foot kicked before Kahn could understand what was happening and his strength knocked the enemy down in a few mere minutes. 

Only once Kahn lay defeated at his feet, Troy paused. 

Kill him I insisted … and he did. 

The force that shoved Kahn down was so strong I almost wanted to close my eyes. But I didn’t. As Troy finished him off, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the scene. Kahn, dying, would be an image stuck in my mind forever. 

And when it was all over and done, Troy used the last of his power to pull me out. I begged him no, cowering inside was my thing, but he ignored me. He returned to the place within the mind that I was controlling once again. 

My life’s over. he told me. But yours is just beginning. 

No its not. I promised my life begins and ends with you. 

His smile practically made me glow like a morning sunrise: Darting up to surprise the world, but still bright and beautiful. I could see it now, picture it in my mind. Maybe minutes, hours, or days later the darkness would be completely gone and the sun would rise again. I could even notice some of it disappearing now as I stood by the body of my immortal enemy.  

So what now? I asked Troy. What will happen when all the darkness is gone? 

But I don’t even think he had an answer for that.

The End

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