Troy's Fury

There was popping.. like bubble wrap, it was getting louder.  It started one, two, three, now it was a multitudinous popping. 

In my head, pressure was building, through my veins something like fire.. like hot searing fire..

My heart pounded, the beat galloping, thunder hard like the hooves of so many horses.  My breathing, was ragged, rapid, shallow..

I felt him, before I heard him.  Troy, manifested his body,  I grew.. my chest flattened, my belly hardened, my eyes took on the greenish glow of cold emeralds..

He, Troy, drew in breath.. What did I feel?  Inside me the power was orgasmic, I threw my head back and clamped my eyes shut..  In front of me Kahn was making his move..

He didn't realize, I could see him, through my opaque lids, I could see him.. Breathing deeper, I felt heat in my chest and throat, I also felt the need to cough.. and I did, but, it wasn't a cough, it was a sound like no other, a sound deep from within the pit of hell and, from it, I spewed forth the putrid ingredients of death, acid, flame, sulpher, brimstone.. all towards Kahn..

The End

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