Kahn is done

I must have fallen to the ground from the fire ball because when I opened my eyes weakly, Kahn was standing over me with a huge smirk spread across his face. I wanted to reach out, hit him, punch him, kick him … kill him.  

But I couldn’t. Even the smallest motion sent pain throughout my body. Or maybe that was him again. I don’t know. I don’t care. I just want it all to stop. 

“So naïve,” he was saying as I finally was able to pay attention to the words coming out of his mouth. “So naïve,” he repeated, crouching down to my level as I lay discarded on the ground. 

He reached out to stroke my hair and I flinched as Troy boiled inside me. “Don’t,” I whispered feebly, unable to move away. 

He smiled at my discomfort. “So, so naïve.” 

“So … what … now?” I struggled to say as he sent more pain through my already drained body. 

“You do what I want.” Kahn replied easily. The grin still planted on his face, the hand still stroking my hand gently. What the hell? Why in the hell was he stroking my hair? I tried to pull away and his hand gripped me. 

Troy. Of course. This was all for Troy. 

All to make him suffer … over me. Nothing left to do but give in … right?

“And what do you want?”

The End

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