The Battle Continues

Inside my head, Troy's thoughts touched me, I knew even without them that Kahn was not to know.

I glanced at Kahn, oh he seemed sincere, he seemed to be done but, I knew.. Evil is never done, evil is never contained, evil is never put to rest, held underfoot, chained or changed.. Evil must always be destroyed.

Blood dripped from Kahns nose and it almost, almost, just for a sleight second made me hesi...

The energy was hurled at me so quickly..  I felt ice in my veins, I felt my muscles harden, I felt tension in the sinews and ligatures of my body.. My mind was shut down, cold black nothingness surrounded me, my eyes glowed green, brighter, brighter, BRIGHTER! 

I jerked my head towards kahn.. the fire spewed forth bright, destructive, clean, cold, fast..

The End

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