The Battle Continues

I equipped myself to take what was being given but there was a small doubt in my mind that my power wasn’t enough. Troy erased all those thoughts though, as Kahn’s ball of power escaped from his hands and stormed at me. Then I did one of the stupidest things imagined. Or really … it only sounds stupid. 

I side-stepped it. 

I slid to my right just as the ball would have touched me, just as it would have killed me in a flash, I moved. And I was fast. My reflexes felt a million times better than before I was changed and there was a strange, tingling feeling of comfort from that. 

Kahn glared at me in wonder as the ball suddenly disappeared. Either he pulled it out of the air and put it back into him or I don’t know. But as it vanished, all my views of fighting went along. Was he controlling that? Troy wasn’t even sure enough to tell me. 

Kahn’s nose looked ruined but yet his eyes were abruptly calm as he limped slowly to stand in front of me. “Done.” He whispered and my mouth popped open with an almost inaudible noise. 

He dropped to his knees at my feet as I backed up three steps. 

“Wait!” he cried out like an abandoned child. 

“What,” was all I could produce. 

“I said I’m done. And I meant it.” He was stumbling over his words so quickly it was hard to really understand him. “No one … no one can survive that like you just did. So … so … stupid. What happened?” 

I think in the last part he was murmuring to himself as he clutched at his hair. 

“How could this happen?” He asked himself again, looking up at me with clouded eyes of confusion. 

“How did what happen?” 

“How … are you stronger than—no … how … how did you do that?”

The End

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