The Battle Continues

Kahn sprung to his feet, hurling a silent thought at me.  I felt something within come to life, I felt a surge, like electricity.  It bubbled up from somewhere inside deep, deep inside, I closed my eyes but, I could see right through the lids, I could also see the force that was rushing at me

Raising my hands, I absorbed the force, channeled it and hurled it back at Kahn.

Before he knew what hit him, he was on the ground blood trickling from his nose.  He lay there stunned for a moment but, only a moment.

With speed that would have made the Flash proud he was on his feet. his fists formed into a ball in front of him.

I watched amazed as he drew in breath, I watched particles of time circle his hands, I saw flashes of light, dark clouds.. as if he held a tiny universe in his hands.

It boiled, turning over and over, it grew, larger and larger.  The essence of Kahn, traveled through the flashes in that ball.  Each time it turned, I could see his face..

Troy screamed at me... "PREPARE!"

The End

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