The Battle Begins

As I strolled out of the bedroom, my eyes were searching for Kahn. He must have already guessed my decision, must have already know Troy was with me.

I found him leaning against a counter, his arms crossed and a smirk on his lips. “Hey there.” He said, walking toward me.

“Don’t act like everything’s okay, Kahn. You know what the problem is here.”

“Why it’s me, of course. I mean … it is me, isn’t it?” He raised eyebrows, waiting for an answer. He was just playing, right? Just messing around with me, of course.

“Well of course.” I replied. I’ll play along. The next step he takes toward me, I’ll strike. I’ll do it. I don’t know what but something. He took another movement toward me and I raised my fist before crumbling to the floor.

“Hmm, I thought you’d be able to take that.” He pondered as he tormented me in some way I can’t explain. Trying to form my body into a ball to escape the pain, I realized it wasn’t going to work this way. Kahn was an experienced fighter and I was not.

“Stop.” I snarled, breaking free of his hold on me. YES! It had surprised me (I was free) but it surprised him too. He was looking at me with wide eyes as I stood up to face him.

He stepped to the left, I stepped to the right. We circled each other for hours it seemed, trying to figure out a way to proceed. Or I think that’s what it was. Him waiting on me to make the first move and me waiting on him.

And I made it.

I hurled that smirking Kahn out a window where he flew to the ground some feet below. And I smiled. That felt good.

But suddenly he was dragging me to the window, making it possible (somehow) for me to follow him out the window. Well I leapt before he could push me with his power and landed on my feet next to his head.

That felt good as well. And oh what the hell, my feet are right here. His head is right there. I kicked him just as he jumped up to grab me. But I was faster and I could feel it. I could feel the strength flowing through me and it seemed obvious that I was stronger than him but he was more experienced.

Would that help me win, though?

The End

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