Final Decisions

Troy calmed his rage, he knew it would just be a matter of time before Kahn caught on and then, it would be all over for them both.   Human beings were so funny.. he knew this because he'd once been one.

No matter how evil Kahn was, she couldn't bring herself to destroy him.  she really wanted to believe he could be reformed, she did not understand the full scope of how evil he truly was.

So there was a decision to be made. 

He wished he could sit and think but, he just didn't have that luxury.  He'd been indecisive.. he couldn't be that way now.

Feeling her sleeping mind, he thought about all the times he had wished to be inside her... not like this..

Her dream was of him and he could feel her emotions, the warm sensations of want, lust... love, permeated his being.  Caught off guard he almost succumbed to it. He'd never realized how much she cared and this made what he was about to do even worse.

Focus, focus... his senses went blank and he threaded the tendrils of his being through her mind. 

Along the way, every inhibition she had, every port of control was burned away...  every semblance of humanity, he took it all.

She sighed a little, and opened the green phosphorescent eyes.. they were ready.. the decision had been made, the deed was done!


The End

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