I Picked a Side

Can’t I wait to kill him? I begged Troy. I knew he was fuming but he got his voice down to a normal level. 

No. It’s now or never. 

Na uh. I can wait. I can do this. Pretend to be on his side … like you did. 

It’s too much of a risk, babe. I don’t want you getting hurt. 

I’m not gonna get hurt. I hissed, clenching my teeth together. 

And I said no. Kill him now. 

No! I don’t have to do what you say! I don’t listen to anyone but myself! 

Grace, please. Be reasonable. If you don’t destroy him, he’ll destroy you. 

Nooooo … just wait and see.  

Troy didn’t answer to that. Instead he let out a loud shriek and it pained me so much I fell to the floor. 

Stop being such a baby about this. I argued. 

Stop not listening to me. He yelled again and I clutched my head, closing my eyes tightly. 

“Grace?” Kahn asked and my eyes flew open quickly. “Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine.” I managed to say, “Just a migraine. I need to sleep.” 

“Probably a first side-effect. Get some rest.” He led me to an empty bedroom and I collapsed on the big bed after locking the door. It was time to make my final decision. And I’ll be making it my way not Troy’s way. 

My choices: kill him now or kill him later. 

My decision: later. Of course …

I had picked my side.

The End

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