Pick A Side

Even though Kahn was evil and I knew that, I couldn't quite bring myself to destroy him.

Kahn didn't know that, which was a good thing for me if he had, it would have been my moment of weakness, my moment of destruction.

Troy raged inside me, causing lights to go off behind my eyes.  I raised my hand to my head and I saw Kahn flinch.

"Don't let him know you're in pain!"

Did he have to scream it.  I took in a deep breath and steadied my hands.  The pain was starting to subside, Troy had finally calmed down.  It was strange having him inside me..

"We don't have time for this, you need to make up your mind, you need to get your balls together and pick a side, you hear me!"

Of course I heard him, he was screaming again.. I swallowed and told Kahn I wanted to be alone.  When he hesitated, Troys' green glow shot out from my eyes. Kahn departed, I was alone..with Troy.


The End

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