Together We Will Defeat Him

Did Troy just speak to me … or am I hallucinating?  

No. I’m here. Always and forever. 

The strength he provided for me was what I needed to take down Kahn. Troy’s rage filled my body and I felt it. Every emotion hit me fast and strong, threatening to knock me over. But they wouldn’t. 

The only thing falling would be Kahn. 

He was on his knees now, groveling in pain from whatever possessed me. “Wait, Grace.” he gasped. I waited as Troy boiled in my mind. “Remember what Troy never gave you?” he asked weakly, reaching out a hand. “I could give you that. I could give you anything and everything you want.” 

Don’t listen to him!  

Troy’s booming voice was distracting me from the other sounds and I couldn’t focus. I pushed him to the side of my mind so I could make a decision. “Listen to me.” 

“No!” I growled. Troy screamed and I covered my ears as if I could block out the noise. I finally paid attention to him; there’s a first time for everything. First time having a conversation in my head with Troy. First time for everything … 

I can’t kill him, Troy. Can’t you see that? I begged. 

No! You. Have. To. Troy argued.  

I can’t. You may be able to kill a man but I just … can’t. 

He’s not a man! He’s immortal! And you’re the only one standing between his life and death! Kill him! 

I … I can’t. I’m sorry. 

I released Kahn from the pain and he closed his eyes, breathing deeply. “D*mn.” he whispered, “You’re better than I thought.” I stared with blank eyes as Troy growled in my head. “This is gonna be good. Perfect even.” 

You wish …

The End

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