Kahn Had Arrived

I didn’t have time to mourn, Kahn burst through the window with a flash of lightning. I flinched. This was all too much. 

My strong eyes circled the room a couple of times, seeing it like it was the first time. I could see every single detail and hear every single thing going on around me. Finally, my eyes rested on Kahn. 

“Grace, so happy for you to join me.” Kahn said with a smile. I tensed; was he serious or just messing around with me? Troy should have prepared me better; I would know what to do if he had. “Well?” 

“Hi.” I whispered and then clamped a hand over my mouth. My voice didn’t sound like me. It was kind of like … uh, I can’t even describe it. My new voice was indescribable. Yes, that’s it. 

Sadness filled with a bit of smug crossed Kahn’s face. “Ah, Troy made you well. Did you scream?” 

I shook my head, not wanting to talk to him. 

“Ah, perfect. Come here.” 

I shook my head again, daringly. This probably wasn’t the best decision but I didn’t exactly know how to deal with Kahn. Troy had me “out” when they were talking earlier so I have no idea how to handle this. 

“I said come here.” A snarl. And then I was aboard, against my power. Kahn threw me across the room where I landed at his feet. The pain he was producing was unbearable but I was unable to scream for some unknown reason. Suddenly, it felt like my insides were about to come up. Whatever was pushing—it wanted out. I looked up at Kahn with fearful, angry eyes and he smiled at me.

Kahn held out one of his hand and when it moved, I moved. I needed to find a way to get back in control of my own body but I no idea how to. The pain seemed endless. He was done twisting around my insides, now he was attacking the outside … with merely no movement.

I could feel pain in my arms and I didn’t know where it was coming from. My fingers gripped at the slick floor as Kahn continued to torture me.

“This is what happens when you don’t listen to me.” He hissed. When I couldn’t handle the pain anymore, I gazed up with begging eyes and he let me free. “See what happens.”

I gasped loudly, lying face down on the floor. 

“Let’s not let this happen again, okay?” His voice was soft, a coo. Is he bipolar or something? A bipolar villain—that’s quite a knee slapper.

The End

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