Final Decision

The feeling of being held by Troy put me in a state of false security.  for one moment I forgot the business at hand.

I raised my head and looked into the green eyes.  I opened my mouth to speak and he covered it with his.  I felt him place his hand inside my shirt and I thought.. now.. now.. would we really have time for this?

His hand slid between my breasts, I tightened my arms around his neck, I closed my eyes.. I should have left them open, perhaps I would have been better prepared..

A crushing blow, is the only way I can describe how it felt.  Pressure down on the xiphoid process, I caught my breath.. I couldn't scream.  Something touched my heart, it gave a giant thump, I felt it in my head, I heard it in my mind.. Liquid sound filtered through my ears and my arteries began to burn.

Ohhhh God.. Pain.. I clung to his neck as the venom ate through me.  The acidic taste in my mouth made me gag,

I felt it, every god awful, painful, mind numbing minute.. Troys' life drained into me painfully.

He kept my mouth covered, we began to sink to the ground.  As suddenly as it started, it stopped. 

I opened my eyes, I lay on the ground, in a corner.. The smell of burnt flesh assailed my nostrils, except for the outline in ashe, I was alone...

The End

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