Changes To Be Made

The power Kahn exuded was amazing, not in a good way either.  Troy didn't dare look up for fear that Kahn would read his mind.

He had to stall, when they had started this, it was never his intention to kill anyone, it was supposed to be fun, using the elements, space and time, to get what they wanted also, to make things better.

But he should have known, Kahn had always been greedy, he'd always had a sadistic side to him, even when they were kids.  Once, while playing in the pool, a little bird fell from a nest, it fell into the pool, Kahn became angry at the mess it's little feathers made so, instead of letting Troy save it, he drowned it, telling Troy, it wouldn't have lived much longer anyway.

Kahn walked closer to the crumpled body, he leaned down, Troy didn't worry about her waking, she wouldn't until he touched her and, if Kahn hurt her, he could heal her, within the first 24 hrs.

Troy raised his head, Kahn stood there studying Grace, as if trying to see through her.  He finally turned, smiled at Troy and reminded him of "tomorrow."

He awakened Grace and in as short a story as possible, explained to her what had happened.  He almost cried when he saw the look on her face, something that made him feel vile and unclean.

Troy calmed her by telling her, he thought he knew a way to defeat Kahn but, he couldn't do it..  She would have to...

If he thought the first look had been bad, this one made him flinch, he told her, he was sorry but, it was the only way..

First change to be made, they had to become one, this time though, his death would be real..

The End

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