“Why hello there, little brother.” Kahn said to Troy in a mocking tone as he appeared in the bright room. 

“Bettaquit.” Was Troy’s reply. He tried to keep everything short-ended and half answered when speaking to Kahn. 

“I’m guessing that’s Grace.” Kahn reported with a nod toward the heap of a body that Troy loved. 

He nodded once quickly. 

“Is she ready yet?” Kahn continued, excited about his gaining power. 

“No!” Troy yelled and then softened his tone, “I mean, no. I need more time for finishing touches. She’ll be … perfect. Stronger than me I bet.” 

“Ah, perfect. Then we’ll lead and move on.” 

“What?” Troy gasped. 

“I only wanted her here.” 

“So you destroyed everything else in the process?!” 

“Calm down!” Kahn yelled, his voice booming and Troy bowed his head in a defeated manner. “That’s better. Let me know when you’re done.” 

“I won’t be for another couple of days.” Troy whispered, his head still down. He could feel Kahn charging toward him though. He didn’t dare look up. 

Kahn shoved Troy roughly but he caught his balance before falling over. He leaned back against the counter and Kahn followed, getting in his face. “You will be done by tomorrow.” Troy didn’t answer. “Say yes.” Kahn growled, closing one eye and glaring at Troy. 

Troy sighed. He couldn’t win this. “Yes.”

The End

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