Khan's Coming

"What did you do?"  He stared at the door, "No time right now, I will explain later, right now, lay down."  There was nothing to lay on but, something in his eyes made me realize it was my only chance. 

I picked a spot close to the strange pipes and equipment, something about them at my back gave me comfort.  I lay myself down and Troy, kissed my forehead, I was about to ask a question when he touched me, ever so lightly, like a feather.

Now he had to convince Kahn he was still part of the plan, he shoved her closer to the wall, it looked as though he had just dumped her, she lay in a heap crumpled like a rag doll, her arm covering her face.

He had been wise enough to keep some of his powers a secret.  This worked to his advantage now, Kahn didn't know he had the power of touch, he also didn't know he had the power to heal, still, his powers were no match for Kahns'.

His brother was known as the "Black Lord"  he was menacing and Troy could truly attest to the fact he was 100 % evil.  Kahn had control over the elements, he raised demons, his thirst was for human blood and his desire for praise, worship, devotion.  Those that opposed him, were swallowed up, just like the sun..

Then he heard it, the sound of thunder, the whistling of wind, the blinding lightening.. Kahn had arrived..

The End

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