Questions Answered

My brain really hadn’t pieced together the entire puzzle yet but this is what I did know. Well, we were flying or something; Troy died and became something else (I’m guessing); and I still love him. 

“Troy?” I tried to croak in a weak voice. I knew he heard me though, despite the darkness and the wind and everything going on around me. No matter what, Troy always had had excellent hearing. 

But he ignored me. 

I tried to scream but it got caught in my throat. I broke out into another coughing fit and didn’t stop until we were inside another building. This one was brightly lit and I could thankfully see and breath so much better.

Troy set me down in the middle of an open room with weird equipment and then poured me a glass of water. I gulped it down my throat fast like the little fat kid with chocolate cake did in Matilda the movie. 

Troy filled another glass within seconds and in the back of my mind I wondered how he could get across the room as fast as he did. He waited till I was done to speak. 

“Grace, I’m so sorry.” He whispered, leaning up against the counter with the water jug. He bowed his head like in shame. 

I swallowed a couple times and asked, “Why are you sorry?”

“I … I did something terrible.” 


He shook his head and whimpered, “I was … supposed to turn you in.” 

“Turn me in? What? You’re not making sense.” 

“The darkness. That’s falling all over town. Its here because of me. I … I led it here.”

“Could you please explain in a way that I would understand?” Troy led me to some chairs and we took seats across from each other. 

“My damned older brother, Khan is in charge of it all. He faked my death so I could join. I’m … somewhat immortal. I was supposed to come back to town to get you to join up but I didn’t want you … you to be like me. Frozen or something. So Khan set the darkness over town for it to suck you up … painfully. I didn’t want you to go through that. But he knows this.” 

“What does he want with me?” I interrupted but he didn’t answer. His expression blazed with agony and I didn’t want an answer anymore. 

“So now I’ve got to hide you before Khan finds us. But outside … you could get sucked up at any moment … if I’m not holding onto you. And I’ve got to figure out a way to get you out before Khan gets in.” 

“To us? Here?” 

“Yes.” He hissed, “He could change you and kill me at any moment. But I … I’ve got to act like I’m going along with him even though we both know I’m not. I just gotta pretend that I’m on his side … to keep you … alive … longer.” 

“Well when is he coming?” 

“Right now.” He hissed with disgust and a lost of dignity filling his voice, “Brace yourself.”

The End

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