Raised Questions

I had so many questions for him but, right now we had to move.  The darkness was thick and I began to choke.  Troy pulled me along faster, I couldn't see at all, still we moved fast never colliding with a thing.

My lungs burned and I coughed loud and hard, my eyes were filling up with tears, what was wrong.. Troy led me outside, here the air was lighter but not much better, I raised my head only for some foul liquid to fall on my face, the smell was horrid and I wretched..

I couldn't see, I couldn't catch my breath, I couldn't run any longer.. I dropped to the ground, Troy caught me up in one move and into the air we flew.  I glanced at his face, I saw the green eyes, I realized they were shining..  They were bright, phosphorescent, glowing and I knew why we could run so fast.

I tried to remember something that was tugging just at the corners of my mind.  Troy was dead, he had died, why?  What had happened, I knew but, just couldn't recall, I didn't have the strength..

Sighing, I wrapped my arms around his neck, whatever it was, Troy would take care of it, he always had...  I didn't know how wrong I was..

The End

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