I was waiting on some sign of sign. I don’t even know what I was expecting but it was definitely not what happened. 

I didn’t expect the dark clouds to roll over my bedroom and I didn’t expect what they dropped off for me. But none of that matters because there’s now a … something standing—or floating, I can’t tell—in my bedroom. 

“Stay away from me.” I warned stumbling through some more darkness until I felt the wall beneath my fingers. 

“I won’t hurt you.” A deep voice said, sending a vibration through my body. My heart was pounding in my chest as the cloaked figure took a step toward me. 

“Don’t move.” I whispered in a weak voice but he she it was already standing over me. A cloaked figure that was slowly removing what covered their identity. 

Once the dark cloth was off, I could barely see a man’s face in the dim light. I squeezed my eyes to get a better look. 

It was Troy. 

I almost fainted. 

“You’re … you’re supposed to be … de … dead.” 

“Grace. I know.” he said, his familiar green eyes comforting me. “I know.” He reached out for me and I jumped up into one of the bear hugs I had missed so much from the days after his death. 

“How are you he—” 

“Shh, we’ll deal with that later. We’ve got to get to some more light first. You won’t last long.” 


“Nothing.” He grabbed my face quickly and kissed me romantic like in the movies we used to watch before the world started to fall apart and then love wasn’t important anymore. And I melted in his arms. “I love you.” he whispered against my lips.  

And I love you too … 

But what’s going on?!

The End

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