And what now?

The sun was swallowed up, and then, quiet.  I waited, nothing.   I listened to the loud ticking, it sent vibrations through my skull.

Silence, I cringed, expecting something loud, something quick, something, all of a suddenish. I sat immobile for a moment, a long moment, trying to weigh my options but, what options would there be? Just one minute ago, there had been light then, the sky, moon and sun were swallowed, now there was just loud, hurtful silence.

I came out from behind the bed, stumbled over the furniture in my bedroom over to the window and peered out.  The darkness threatened to smother me.  I heard screams and in the distance I saw flashes of what appeared to be lightening.  It appeared like a phantom, nothing substantial behind it, just cloying darkness.

I knew it was the end, I had known it when it started, but now, why had it stopped?

The End

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