Running out of time 2

Hiding in the small boy's bathroom on the seventh floor, Johan was reloading his gun.

A troubling silence had fallen over the school. The wounded were trying to suppress their crying. He heard doors slamming in the distance. No sirens yet. 

Johan shook his head. People were trying to hide from him. And he was just trying to help them. 

It wasn't fair. People never tried to understand him. They would have to pay the price. 

People like Lucy need to learn their lesson. 

Johan smiled and blood ran over his teeth as his busted lip split. One of the older boys had tried hard to fight his salvation. But Johan persevered and had managed to help the hard case in the end. 

The boy had been saved and his body was along with the others on the canteen floor. 

Johan had finished loading the gun, but found he couldn't move. 

His mind kept going back to Lucy. Damn Lucy. 

He had bared his soul to her in his writing and she had thrown it all back in his face. 

When he had finished reading his love declaration that day, there had been applause, but not from her. 

She actually had the audacity to stand up in the assembly hall and laugh at him. 

And then she denied that she even knew him!

That was the worst thing of all. That she sat just behind him in class for over a year, had shared thoughts with him, but now she denied she even knew him. 

He didn't notice how the colour of the boy's face who was sitting next to her, changed from purple to normal pink. 

He didn't notice the stressed lines around her eyes and mouth. All he saw and heard was her laughter, that was aimed at him. Nervous laughter of an unhappy girl, but to him it was the soul destroying laughter of an evil witch. 

The End

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