When she woke, she at first didn't know where she was.

Her head was throbbing so much that she could hardly open her eyes. She struggled to sit up, tasting blood in her mouth. 

The sounds of gun shots in the distance made her jump and she remembered. 

She got to her knees, feeling wobbly.  Johan. She had always liked him in a way. He was attractive, but a shy, strange boy, who kept mostly to himself. He was the top student in their creative writing class - his stories always had a dark twist. She shivered when she remembered the intensity of his voice when he read his dark tales aloud in class. 

She had felt sorry for him when she heard people talking about his crazy, drug addicted mother.  Poor Johan didn't have a father and his mother used to beat him black and blue. Even when he got older he never used to fight back. Just used to allow her to go on beating him. 

Nobody seemed to care. Her own mother phoned social services about the situation, but they never came. Her mother said social services was useless these days, like the rest of government. 

Lucy leaned against one of the desks, trying to regain her balance. 

But then he had declared his love for her through one of his strange writings in front of the entire school. It wouldn't have been so bad, if she hadn't been so afraid of Peter, her boyfriend of the time. 

She could see his face turning purple upon hearing the public love declaration. 

Peter used to beat her, but never in the face. She always had to wear long sleeves, even on the hottest summer days, to hide the marks from her friends and parents. 

So she did the only thing she could think of, to save herself and Johan. 

She cried about it afterwards. Every time when she thought about the destroyed look on his face. 

The End

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