Running out of time

Johan was running out of time. 

He put his fingers in his mouth and chewed on them. This always helped him during stressful times. 

He ducked behind the door of the science class, hoping that he could hide there for a while. The sounds of screaming and dying threatened to overwhelm him. There was no getting away from it. He couldn't even escape the noise when he put his fingers in his ears.  

People didn't understand him. Nobody even tried, even though he loved all of them. 

His mother used to beat him because she said he was a strange and unholy child. 

Still, he loved his mother, he loved her so very much. She was in a better place now. He had taken care of her and made her happy. He was so proud of himself of finally succeeding in making his mother happy. No other man had ever managed to do this. 

Johan hugged himself. He had done well so far. He had already helped many people, but many more needed to be helped to escape the end of everything. 

Those he helped would never feel pain again. 

The door of the science class was flung open and Johan gasped as it knocked the breath from him. He stared into the large, frightened eyes of the blonde girl called Lucy. 

He did not love Lucy. He had once told the stupid girl he liked her and she had made fun of him in front of the entire school. 

Johan did not want Lucy to escape the end of everything. 

He reached out and pushed Lucy so that she fell with her head against one of the desks. 

She was out cold, instantly, and would only awake at the end of the day when everything was over. 

Johan smiled as he stepped from the classroom, leaving the slumped body of Lucy behind. 

He had work to do. 

The End

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