The end of everything

Several people survive a school shooting.

Marcia Cross was sleeping at her desk in the school library, when the first shots rang through the school. 

Marcia was awake in an instant. She dropped to the floor and covered her head with her arms.  

People screamed closeby and she thought she could hear them dying. A girl was begging for her life in a high pitched voice. 

Marcia started crawling from under her desk towards a large bookcase. If the shooter entered the library he would see her immediately. The bookcase seemed very far away. 

She held her breath when she saw a dark shadow running past one of the library windows, waving a gun. The demon ghost spouted obscenities and bullets as it ran. 

Marcia finally reached the bookcase and curled up behind it. She couldn't believe this was happening. That her life could possibly end like this. She had been a library teacher at Protea high for the last 30 years and was looking forward to her retirement and spending more time with her family. 

Protea high has always been a good school. Things like this were only supposed to happen in American films, not in quiet, suburban  Cape Town schools. 

Marcia held her breath as the library door opened. 

The End

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