Chapters 1-5 of 'Life As We Knew It'

           An asteroid has hit the moon and the world has gone into chaos and panic. In the beginning of Susan Beth Pfeffer’s book, Life As We Knew It, the main character, Miranda, is keeping a journal of her life and experiences throughout this chaos. In Miranda’s journal she tells us of her struggling friend ships, chaotic supermarket experience, and what the moon has done to the slowly crumbling societies that belong to Earth.
             In the beginning of the book we are introduced to Miranda’s divorced mom, remarried father and wife Lisa(who are about to have a baby), baseball obsessed little brother Johnny and older brother Matt. One night, an asteroid is scheduled to hit the moon. This crazy event sends everyone into a frenzy of wonder and excitement. I mean how often is it that you would be able to see an asteroid hit the moon from your backyard? However, something happens. As the asteroid collided with the moon it pushed it closer to earth, causing panic among the masses. We later learn that this event has caused worldwide tsunamis, rising water levels, earthquakes, mass casualties as well as panic all around the world. Although much happens, Miranda somehow manages to keep her cool and do what she can to provide for her family in this situation. I don’t know how she does this, because I would be terrified to the bone, not knowing what to do and feeling helpless in a crisis like this. However, I suppose crazy moments, like the human race on the verge of extinction, can either bring out the best or worst in a person.
               Even though it seems that the world is about to end Miranda is forced to resume her average, everyday life. She goes to school, does homework and hopes that there will still be a world to wake up to the next day. Miranda proceeds to stay calm in this nerving situation, reassuring herself with the fact that her older brother, Matt, will be returning home soon. As the worldwide panic increases Miranda’s mom goes crazy and stocks up on whatever she can get her hands on, from baby gloves to powdered milk. I believe that this is because doing something like this gives her purpose. Miranda’s mother realises that there is little that she can do for her family, or anyone, in this situation, so she does what she can by putting on a brave face and preparing for what is to come.
              Matt returns home, but things do not lighten up for Miranda or the rest of her family. Electricity is only available for a few hours a day(I would probably die if this actually happened), Miranda’s friend Megan begins to eat less, relying solely on the belief that God can sustain her, and the thought of the approaching winter is concerning. In my opinion, the only good that that happens to Miranda is that the school board ended the school year early because of the events, but this also means no more school lunches. Miranda later learns that her mother realizes this as well and begins to eat less in order to sustain a reasonable amount of food, because who knows when they will come across some more. Matt encourages Miranda to stay strong until she can go to her dad’s in August and hopefully the world will figure itself out before the fast approaching winter.
            So far I have enjoyed this book very much. The overall plot of the book makes me wonder what I would miss if I the world was truly about to end. I take so much for granted not, like how much electricity I use daily, that I don’t think about what it would be like if it just disappeared within a matter of seconds. Personally, I’m surprised that the society in the book is still put together as well as it is so far. You would think that since we are so dependant on what we have now that we would be sitting ducks in a situation like this, but I guess that there is a side to humanity that is put together better than we expected.

The End

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