The End Is Near

creative writing something about the end of the world and there has to be God in it.

Hi my name is Jonas I am a Christian and it is the year 2012 this is the year everybody thought the world was going to end because this is when the Mayan calender ended. Lets get to my story. I looked out the window it was dark and pouring down rain. In a few hours it started to flood. All the drainage was clogged with mud and leaves. The water level was rising we were all fleeing from where we lived trying to get to the highest place in the city. When we were on are way up the mountain the wind grew stronger so strong it was blowing cars off the road people were plummeting down the side of the mountain and smashing into the water but me I just kept praying, the water didn’t harm me. I was almost at the top of the mountain when “BOOM!” the car in front of me was smashed with a huge boulder I saw the blood streaming down the side of the road. That’s a lot of blood I thought to myself there must of been a whole family in that car. The boulder was blocking the road I tried to gather some of the people but the water was rising to quickly they stayed in there cars but some of the brave ones got out of there cars and tried to get up the mountain I followed behind all of them praying that I would make it out of this storm alive. I stopped I heard the screaming of a little child I turned around only to see his parents dead smashed by a tree branch the little boy was sitting in a puddle of blood I went back to pick him up when I was almost there he said are we going to die. I said maybe now what is your name no reply I grabbed him and started up the mountain with him in my arms I asked him if he was a Christian and he said yes. I said can you pray for us while were going up the mountain no reply the rain was getting thicker and it started to hale some of the hail was the size cars there were smashing into the ground and they were leaving craters the winds was dying but it was stills blowing me down every once in awhile. I finally made it to the top of the mountain there was a little cave at the top that I saw I went over to it and me and the little boy huddled in the cave I could see the marks of tears on his face the wind rain and hail stopped it was quite the water level started to dropped enough that we could go into the town. We traveled down to the town and there was nothing quietness and debree every where there were even big chunks of houses laying in the middle of the streets and there were dead bodies everywhere we traveled inland and it every thing was fine in other places so me and the little boy found some where to live and we stayed there for the rest of our lives we did some research and we found out that we were the only survivors of this “California Super Storm” some of the top scientists in the world researched the super storm and they said that the end of the world would be 4 times worse than this storm. this was only the beginning of the end.

The End

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