The End

Jana sat beside her grandmother's bed in the hospice watching with anxiety the skeletal form asleep with mouth agape. For the past two hours, Jana kept vigil for any signs of movement or sound of pain from the woman she called Nana for the past twenty years.
'Nana' Jana whispered in the stillness of the room. Hot tears rolled down Jana's eyes as she grieved for the most important person in her life. Nana has been her sole living relative and the realization that this once vibrant, selfless an

'Stop nagging at me pur-leassse' Jana shouted as she stomped her way out of her home slamming the door as she did so. 'Gee, why must I have a crappy granny instead of understanding parents like Phoebe and ALL my classmates have!' she mumbled angrily as she strode along the path leading to her school.

Scowling at no one in particular, Jana felt a deep resentment at her perceived plight in life. 'Life sucks, sucks, sucks!' she cussed as she fumed at Nana's unceasing lectures on how she should dress, behave and even talk! Jana did an eye-roll as she recalled the many 'do's and don'ts' her grandmother doled out every single morning and evening. The list just never stop, it went on and on and on, Jana thought.

'I must make plans to live on my own. After all, I'm sixteen and no longer a kid' Jana surmised. With that thought, she cheerfully joined a group of her friends at the school's gate.

Nana, Jana's grandmother wept silently at the harsh accusation Jana threw at her when she left the house. This was not the first time she faced her grand-daughter's angst. Lately she felt Jana was getting more and more rebellious. It must be hormones, Nana thought. Teenage hormones. she reassured herself.  I must still continue to guide her whether she likes it or not. I dread to think how she will turn out if I left her alone like I did with Fiona. Pain gripped Nana as it always did whenever she thought of her dead daughter.

Fiona was the only child of Nana and when her husband was alive, both of them spoilt their daughter to the extreme. Anything Fiona wanted, Fiona got it. Never mind if her parents were not well-off, she had the best of literally everything a girl desires. When Fiona reached the age of fourteen, she decided to drop out of school and her parents thought 'Oh well, she's a girl and girls don't need to do well in education. What is important is for our lovely daughter to marry a good man who can provide for all her needs'.

Little did Nana and her husband predicted that Fiona shared the same plan as her parents. She felt school was a waste of time and fourteen was a great time to enter the world of modelling. Jason, her schoolmate had taken some fantastic shots of her with his Nikon camera. Fiona had to bared her breasts in some of those photos but Jason did say no one will have copies of those semi-nude prints. Fiona trusted Jason because he was from a conservative family. Jason's father was the church minister so he'll get into more trouble than me, Fiona foolishly thought.

The End

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