The War Machines

War Has Changed

A stray bullet pierced Aban's flesh he didn't flinch or cry out in pain. he ignored the agonizing bullet wound in his left arm and continued to fire his AK-47. War the only thing that Aban has know in his 12 years of living. the sight of decaying corpses and the horrid stench of death didn't faze his young tainted mind. as a child soldier he was trained to ignore the feelings of pain, sorrow, pity, guilt, remorse. like the children before him he was expected to obey and die without question.

In Aban's eyes war is a way of life. the world he was born into revolves around war. its no longer about nations, ideologies or peace. war and its consumption of life has become a well oiled machine. the battlefield is under complete control, soldiers, weapons, machines. war is a series of games dealt by the nation with highest bid. life no longer has meaning, it can be bought and sacrificed at a moments notice. the age of peace is now the age of control and when the battlefield is under control war has become routine. 

"Taking fire"

The earth trembled as a hail of guillotine missles rained down from the skies. each devastating impact rattled Aban's bones. the remaining survivors of his squad rallied to an abandoned destroyed home, only ten were left from the thirty that were deployed. the ground war in the pakistani city was a free for all. the corpses of men and the rubble of destroyed machines littered the ruined streets of the city. Aban and his squad only made it into the first section of the city, their main goal was to infiltrate the heart of the city and kill the war leader running this proxy war.

Easier said than done, the massive city was gaurded by a battalion of elite mercenaries and unmanned war machines. it was a suicide mission Aban knew this but he was trained to endure the worst. 

"Sentry "

The soldier at the door warned Aban and the rest of the squad as two flying machines flew overhead. they waited as the sentry swept the area. when the roaring engines where no longer in ear shot Aban and his squad crept down the street deeper into the enemy territory. 

The End

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