The Black Door

“ What’s through this black door ?” He had wondered out into the corridor and was now curiously focusing upon the black door. “ Oh , that’s just nothing, really, a err, cupboard that the maid puts her cleaning things in, its just a cupboard.” I shrugged and walked on. Casey did not follow. He merely grunted . Suddenly he burst through the door like a bullet out of a gun. I gasped. He smiled. I ran in and there they were,  the rapid, roaring flames. The enchanted flames. He stood staring at the flames as they shot out things and spoke sentences in a language he seemed to know. He got hit by an enchantment and fell down, he seemed to repel it back and the flames roared. I screamed. He looked like he was praying to the flames, worshipping them perhaps? The flames were growing stronger by every word Casey spoke. “STOP IT !” I yelled over the constant roar of the hot flames. He looked across, grinned at me and stopped speaking. We both ran out as the flames were dying down.

We both gasped for breath. “ I thought you said that was just a cleaners cupboard,” He said smiling; to my surprise. .  “ Casey, what were you doing in there ! What were you speaking ? How did you know how to control the flames? When my mother finds out about this !” I said hastily and started to walk back to my room. My father turned the corner and made me jump. “ Casey, Louisa, your mother would like a word” He said smirking. He knew we were in for it now. I liked my father he was cunning and mischievous and never got mad. He just stays as calm as a summer sea. “ She only wants one word. How bad can this one word be?” He grinned. How could he be making silly jokes ? “Hilarious Casey, “I snapped sarcastically. “This is no laughing matter ! you obviously haven’t seen my mother when she’s completely enraged !” I whispered. We were nearing her office. “ Okay, ill do the talking you just stand back and stay quiet! If she asks you anything, say as little as possible ! “ I breathed, barely a whisper. Nervously I knocked on the door. “Come in” She had a shrill tone to her voice. We entered the room and sat on the old, wooden armchairs directly opposite my mother. The room was cold, damp and smelt all musty. “Now then, I think we all know why we are here, don’t we?” She said patronisingly. “ I told you Louisa, to not, under any circumstances go into that room. So what did she do ? Oh ! Go into the room.”She smiled. I hated it when she was like this, she starts off all smiley and happy and then she turns nasty. “HOW DARE YOU GO ANYWHERE NEAR THAT DOOR ?” She retorted ferociously into my face. I felt like crying, it wasn’t even my fault ! “ I-I- Casey burst through ! I couldn’t stop him !” I stuttered. “ Oh , so it was Casey’s fault . Why did you go in Casey? Curious about the cleaning products we use, or did you suspect more? Do you even know what happens when you interrupt those flames ?” She questioned him with her big, black, beady eyes. “ I knew they were in there, I could hear them, smell them, my sort worship these flames. People in our tribe have tried to find them for hundreds of years. Legend goes that you have to say this long, boring enchantment and the flames will grant you everything your heart desires. These flames are part of ancient myths told over and over by our tribe leaders.  People have tried to find these beautiful flames but nobody was ever successful apart from me. “ He said quietly but calmly.  “ Oh, your one of those are you.” She smiled. “ Your myths and stupid legends are all false ! The only two things true about the flames are that they never die out and that whenever you go near them they grow, if you stay near them for too long they will get bigger and bigger. That’s it! So ‘your lot’ are wasting your time !” She was laughing her high-pitched ,shrill laugh. Casey just smiled. “Go now! IF I EVER SEE ANY OF YOU TWO NEAR THAT DOOR AGAIN, YOU’LL BE SORRY !” She had stopped laughing.  She grabbed up both by the hair and threw us out the door. The door was slammed in our faces. We both just stood silently feeling awkward.

The End

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