The Enchanted Flame

Orphan, Casey Clarke, finds himself in The Enchanted Flame hotel. He stumbles upon some dark secrets in the hotel which he attempts to unfold.

The moment I saw him, I just new....Casey Clarke was nothing but trouble. “Casey Clarke, welcome to The Emerald Flame hotel, walk through here, don’t get mud on my floor, oh, now, your room is up the second set of stairs, watch where you step they are quite unstable, and the 3rd door to the left. Do settle in Casey, you can wonder around the house tomorrow, but please just go to sleep dear boy you look like your about to faint.” I could hear my mother ushering him into his room. My mother is the manager of this place, she can be quite full on at times.The voices faded as I shut my door. Casey Clarke, 14, orphaned. I sighed and resumed my position upon my grand, windowsill. I stared out at the sea of lights over the village of Ruyton. Casey would soon find out. He would soon realise the dangers of The Emerald Flame.

“ LOUISA? LOUISA?” Her voice made me jump from my thoughts. Mother called from the landing outside my room. “ Yes,” I called out and unlocked my door. It was always locked, it had to be. “Louisa you might be aware by now that we have a guest. Casey Clarke. Now I don’t want you causing mayhem telling him about the secrets this house holds. We don’t want to worry him or set him off. He’s got a temper like a fuse see. So just don’t say a word.” Mother whispered darkly. She started folding up my clothes rapidly. “ Ok, but what if he, say, accidentally finds it?” I asked as I shut and locked my door. “ He won’t find it ! He cant ! I mean, normal , ordinary people can’t find it ! Now I want you to be his guide around the house. Show him round the attic and the basement and all the other parts to the house, but do not under any circumstances go into that room , do you hear me? “ Mother whispered frantically folding my jackets. I nodded and she left the room.

A loud knock at my door woke me up on the Sunday morning. I jumped out of bed, put on my glasses and quickly combed my hair. “ Oh, Casey it’s you.” I said “ I’ll be ready in a second just wait there.” I got ready quickly and bolted out of the door. He was still stood there in the same position. “ Ok, well , first we are going to do the first floor so, it’s down these stairs and follow me through here ... “ I said. It was awkward as he wasn’t talking, he just occasionally nodded or grunted, desperate for him to speak I asked, “ Do you like it?” He turned around and nodded several times before turning back around. Disappointed I sat on the chair and stared out of the window while he looked around the ornaments and pictures. “ I think it’s beautiful. Amazingly decorated. Plus the fact that it’s absolutely huge. So many rooms and the whole place seems to have a magical feel to it or enchanted perhaps.” I smiled . He had spoken. He bent over the wooden chest and looked behind. He was looking everywhere, what is he looking for? I thought to myself.

The End

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