Mr. Millers’ speech is so gawd damm boring that i fell into my own thoughts.Mature

you see, over the summer, while I rotted away at my cousins house, everyone else got to go to amazing places and do amazing things. And with all the amazingness that each of my friends encountered they started to forget about me and the so not amazing and totally boring life I was living; meaning that they didn’t keep in contact. Not a single email or message or call to break the boredom. Not a single one from any of them except for Jay.

Jay was one of those sort of people, if he said he was going to do something nothing was going to stop him; in that way he ended up being my only link to the world from the four walls I hid in. well I guess that doesn’t really explain my whole unconditional love for him, and trust me there are a whole lot of legit reasons for it.

 The funny thing is that I didn’t like Jay when I first met him. That was a long time ago ( if you count last year a long time ago), and in those days I was loner and I was victim to many homophobes. One day Jay comes out of nowhere and saves my ass from another of my regular beatings.

 At first I was like WOW. But then I felt as though I turned into some flimsy princess in need of rescuing, and I really didn’t need that for my self esteem. So I basically HATED Jay for helping me out (I know I’m complicated).

Jay didn’t even understand why I was being bullied; he acted like he didn’t know I was gay. Looking back I guess he really didn’t know, and he probably still doesn’t. He was just nice. No judgment or anything. That was probably what fazed me.

No one had been nice since some dooshbag crush of mine desisted to spread that I had confessed to him. Since it seemed like a rumor, most people weren’t exactly mean to me, but they never helped me out when those who took it to literally beated me up.

And there was jay. Completely separate from all the rest in every way.

Things changed between me and Jay, and although I hated him with everything I had, I couldn’t help but be drawn to him. I don’t really know why I had a change of heart, but instantly my hate turned into something softer, the closest I felt to love after my resent heart break.

My eyes opened and I returned to reality from my thoughts, just to hear the end of Mr. Millers’ speech. I remembered where I was, sitting in one of the many red auditorium chairs, while everyone around me got up to go to class.

 I hastily joined the herd of teens slowly progress to their first lecture. In the middle of the crowd I blindly walked along with everyone else unconcerned to find my friends in this mess. I knew I would see them sitting in the back of our first period class.

In my slow unmotivated waking, I felt someone come up behind me, someone who wrapped their arms tightly  around my waist, making my heart jolt, and who whispered into my back
“did you miss me?”

The End

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